Class 1

Class One

Claire Howatson (chowatson) on: Class 1

We have had a wonderful time in class one this term!!

We have been looking a lot at the outdoors and having been creating some masterpieces using all of the things that we have found outside.

Some of our mums and dads even came along to help. We had a lot of fun getting them to help us.


This is a picture of our beautiful forest weaving. We are so proud of it, its displayed at the entrance of school why don't you pop in and have a look. We cant wait to hear what you think of it.  

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Welcome back!!!

Claire Howatson (chowatson) on: Class 1

Welcome back after the long summer break we hope you all had a fantastic time. It was lovely to see all of the children on their first day back. We would like to welcome some new children into class Connor, Jackson and Emmie. They are settling in well and are enjoying all of the activities in class. 

This term we are looking at the story Cinderella. We have enjoyed dressing up as the characters and having our pictures taken so we can create our own Cinderella story. It is going to look wonderful.

We are also making some fantastic changes to our outside play area. We have been making some special mobiles from shells and pine cones. We have also been exploring different plants, the mint and rosemary were very strong we loved having a smell. One of our favourite areas in the playground is the new mud kitchen. Make sure you bring a spare change of clothes as we are going to get very messy.



Welcome to the chicks!!!!

Claire Howatson (chowatson) on: Class 1

This week has been a very exciting week in class one. On Monday a man came from Bowland farm to drop some eggs into class one so that we would be able to watch them hatch. On Tuesday morning we had a little peep and noticed that some of the eggs had little cracks in them we were all very excited and couldn't wait to meet the little chicks. We did not have to wait very long as by Tuesday dinner time we all got to watch our first little chick hatch. 

After a few days rest we thought that the chicks might want to come and have a little play with all of their new friends in class one. We had lots of fun watching them walk along the table, listening to them tweeting watching them eat their seeds. We were also very lucky as we got to hold them and give them a little stroke. 




Happy New Year

Claire Howatson (chowatson) on: Class 1

It has been lovely to see all of the children after their Christmas holidays, we hope that you have all had a lovely time. This half term is very exciting as we are gearing up for our play Tarzan of the jungle we cant wait to perform. We have been practicing very hard and helping to create some lovely props to help us on stage. 

This week we have had lots of fun exploring in the rain. We have had the umbrellas out. We were watching the rain drop onto the top of it and listening to all the sounds that it made when it dripped. We also enjoyed watching the rain pour down the drain pipe, we even collected some using a bowl.


Welcome back

Claire Howatson (chowatson) on: Class 1

Welcome back to Class 1

It has been lovely seeing all of the children after the long summer break. We have loved hearing about all of the adventures that the children have been up to on their holidays. We would also like to welcome some new children into class who have settled very well and are enjoying all the fun activities that are happening in class.


Class 1 bake off.

This month we have been having lots of fun cooking and baking. We have made delicious items such as plum crumble, pizzas, biscuits and apple tarts. We have enjoyed exploring all of the different ingredients. When we made plum crumble we crumbled the mixture between our fingers and mixed the ingredients with a big wooden spoon. We have tried lots of different foods that some of us have never eaten before. We hope that our mums and dads loved tasting our wonderful treats.








Not only have we been baking with food, we have been painting with them too. We made some lovely fruit and vegetable prints. We pressed the food into the paint and pressed it onto the paper. We enjoyed all the different smells that some of the fruit had especially the strong lemon and some of us had a little nibble on it too.