busy term

Class 2, Having fun!

Sarah McEwen (sarah.mcewen) on: busy term

After what seemed like a very long time up to half term, now that we’re back the weeks seem to be racing by and Christmas is approaching fast!

Class 2 have been busy since the holiday making pretend fireworks with shiny and coloured paper and streamers and our small world has been a shredded paper bonfire with magnetic numbers to rescue using magnets. This has produced lots of lovely comments, such as ‘don’t touch the fire, it’s hot!’ but also hopefully an understanding of safety for the children.

We will be moving on from our work on Autumn, where we have made a fabulous autumn coloured tree more into Winter with exploratory play using ice. Of course, we couldn’t not include Frozen in this, so we will have ice castles along with small world figures of Elsa, Ana and all the gang!

The most recent highlight in class was our visit from Pudsey bear! The children were all delighted to meet Pudsey and all got the opportunity to get up close to say hello! We then enjoyed a fun filled fund-raising day a few days later.

As December approaches we will, of course be very busy making festive decorations and cards and lots of other things ready for Christmas. We are looking forward to you joining us for our Lower School Nativity on Monday 18th December at 10am.



Class 2

Welcome back

Lauren O'Brien (lobrien) on: Class 2

Welcome back to class 2 children.  We have made all the new children who have joined class 2 in September very welcome.  They have all settled in very well and everyone is pleased to be back and enjoying the beginning of the new school year.

Our topic this term 'Big Cook Little Cook' which will incorporate lots of baking, tasting and sensory experiences.  We started this by making gingerbread men/women which we hope you all enjoyed!

My name is Sarah McEwen and I am the new class teacher for class 2.  I have been made extremely welcome by all the staff and children in school since I started on September 1st.  I have been teaching now for over 20 years and have always worked within special schools and with pupils with a wide range of SEND.  I look forward to meeting you all face to face in near future.  We may see each other at the McMillan coffee morning if you can make it.


Teddy Bear's Picnic

Lauren O'Brien (lobrien) on: Class 2

Class 2 have been using their senses to explore our class story and theme, this half term.

First, we made honey sandwiches for a teddy bear's picnic. The teddies teased us by hiding in different places.  We took it in turns to hide the teddies and find them.  This also helped us to explore our new outdoor area.

After making the sandwiches, we wondered where honey came from.  Luckily, one of our teachers had the answer!  

The honey felt sticky and we loved watching it pour out of the honeycomb.  Feeling the hard ridges of the comb was interesting too and none of us could resist giving the honey a little taste!