Class 4


Moira Ellis (mellis) on: Class 4

The creative curriculum topic this term in class 4 is called Mathemagical. We will be doing a variety of activities based around Maths but in a way that will stimulate the children in class and make numbers and maths subjects more enjoyable. The books we will be reading are - Over in the Meadow, Creepy Crawlie Calypso and Farmyard Jamboree. These are all activity stories by Barefoot Books. They can all be found on Youtube. If you would like to share them with your children at home just click on the link below.

Although we are only just over a week into a new term the children have been working hard towards achieving their targets, as you can see in the pictures below.

We are also busy learning our parts and making props for our annual school play Aladdin. We hope you all come along and see the performances on the 2nd and 7th of February.


'Tastes Good, Feels Good!'

Moira Ellis (mellis) on: Class 4

As well as continuing with our topic of ‘Tastes Good, Feels Good’ Class 4 have been working hard to develop their communication and social skills. There has been so much fantastic communication through gesture, vocalisations, signing and symbol use. It is brilliant to see! Also lots of excellent sharing, well done everyone!

We are also very excited as our new outdoor area is now ready to use. We can’t wait to get out there and learn through being outdoors. (Watch this space for photographs!) 

We would also like to wish one of the adults in our class a speedy recovery as she is resting at home with a broken ankle! Get well soon Moira!



New Term , New Topic in Class 4

Moira Ellis (mellis) on: Class 4

Class 4 would like to welcome four new pupils into their class. Eva, Dexter and Jack have moved up into our class and we have a new pupil called Harvey. We hope they will be happy in class 4. We would also like to congratulate Mrs Seddon as she officially takes over her new role as Head Teacher here at The Coppice.

Our topic for this term is Tastes Good, Feels Good. We will doing a variety of activities linked to this topic. In Science we will be learning about why we need to eat and drink. We will be learning where our food comes from in Geography and in Literacy we will be reading Pizza for Pirates, The Kitchen Disco, Daddy's Sandwich and The Chocolate Monster. We will be linking all our curriculum subjects to this topic and doing some educational and fun activities.

Since coming back to school after the holidays we have been learning about Autumn. We collected some leaves from the Sensory Garden and used them for leaf printing for our class display. We did some Bark rubbing, we explored acorns and conkers and we are looking forward to making pumpkins for Halloween. Hopefully we will have some good pictures of them to show you in upcoming blogs !!


Class 4 trip to Blackpool Zoo

Moira Ellis (mellis) on: Class 4

This half term the children in class 4 have worked very hard. We are very proud of how they have progressed, over the last academic year, so we thought it would be nice to take them on a trip to Blackpool Zoo. Before the trip the children wrote a list of which animals they thought they might see. It included lions, tigers, monkeys, kangaroos and giraffes to name but a few. We took our list with us so we could tick off the ones we saw.

The children were lucky enough to see all the animals on their list and some others as well !!  They particularly liked watching the sea lion show and seeing the penguins swimming in their pool.

We all had a lovely time, the weather was quite sunny so we enjoyed walking around the zoo and sitting outside to eat our lunch. Although we had to keep an eye on the seagulls who had a good time pinching our sandwiches !!!


Class 4 hope you have enjoyed reading their class blogs over the last year and hope you all enjoy the Summer break. See you in September !


Class 4 are enjoying learning about Africa.

Moira Ellis (mellis) on: Class 4

The topic we have been working on this term, in class 4, is stories from around the world. We have been reading two books; Handa’s Surprise and Handa’s Hen. Both these stories are about a girl who lives in Africa so we have based a lot of our curriculum work on this country.

 In Geography we have looked at the crops they grow, the weather and the different animals that live in Africa. We have tasted some of the fruits that grow in Africa such as guava and mangos and made a tropical fruit salad which was yummy.

 In our English lessons we have listened to the stories mentioned above and some of the children have been writing facts about the country for our African display in the classroom.

In Music we have played different types of African instruments and have both listened to and played along to African drumming music which we really enjoyed


We have explored African artifacts and dressed up in African clothing. We have even made our own African jewelry which we painted in bright colours.

As you can see we have been very busy and have had lots of fun learning about how people live on this continent.