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Egyptian Masks

Chelsea Houlihan (cshepherd) on: Class 6

This blog is about Egyptians

Oh how busy we have been

We want to know your opinions

Take a look if you haven't already seen...

The children had to design

A Tutankhamun mask

They took great joy

In this amazing task!

The colours they used were beautiful

Yellow, gold and blue

Don't they look fantastic

Surely you can see it to!

We didn't just choose colours

We had to paint, stick and glue

The children did a super job

And the teachers' said 'wahooooo'

Now we have the finished product

Off they go up on display

Moving onto the next topic

We will see you another day!







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Tutankhamun face masks

Chelsea Houlihan (cshepherd) on: Class 6

This term, the children are looking at Egyptians and different aspects of their culture. In history we have been talking about Egypt, the pyramids and the pharaohs. Tutankhamun is the most famous Egyptian pharaoh and seemed very popular with the pupils. Therefore, in Design and Technology, the pupils have started designing their own Tutankhamun face masks. They will then make them and evaluate what they have done. Here is what we have done so far...



Keep a look out for the finished product... Thank you for reading!

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Chelsea Houlihan (cshepherd) on: Class 6

Since September, a number of pupils from class 6 have been going to Walton-le-Dale High School for their inclusion link. We have children undertaking Art, Science ,PE and I.C.T lessons. This is a fabulous opportunity for our pupils to socilaise, engage and enjoy new experiences. 

The children thoroughly enjoy going over to the High School and will continue to do so for the rest of the year. The Coppice School would like to say a big thank you to Walton-le-Dale for having us.



Keep a look out for more exciting posts on class 6's blog!

Thank you for reading 

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Welcome Back!

Chelsea Houlihan (cshepherd) on: Class 6

Class 6 would like to welcome everybody back after the summer and give a big warm welcome to our new class teacher Zelda, Anthony the new teaching assistant and Jack, Matthew and Josh, our new students. All the children are settling back into school exceptionally well and are excited for the term ahead. This term we will be exploring food through a range of topics including Science where we will be looking at healthy and unhealthy foods and in History we are exploring how the rich and poor Tudors lived and what they ate. The children will also discover amazing art work by Carl Warner which links back to our theme of 'food'. Keep a close eye on class 6's blog to see what we will be up to over the coming weeks. 

Thank You 

Class 6 

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Big Wheels Keep on Turning

Chelsea Houlihan (cshepherd) on: Class 6

This term in class 6, our topic is 'Going Places'. The children have explored different types of transport and what makes them move. The children went to Blackburn Train Station to explore the train timetables, observe the trains and see where they were going. 


We continued with the theme 'wheels' throughout our Art, Music and Food Technology sessions so that they linked into our 'Going Places' topic. In Art the children made some fabulous art work of wheels using different materials and designs...


In cookery, they transformed doughnuts into wheels using black icing and sprinkles...


& in music the children have produced their own song called 'Keep that Wheel Turning'. We have also looked at different types of music at different speeds. The children had to decide whether the piece of music was allegro or largo which means fast or slow.

Thank you for reading class 6's blog!

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